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How humidifiers can benefit your skin – yes, even in the summertime

How humidifiers can benefit your skin – yes, even in the summertime

For those of us with dry skin, humidifiers are usually something we associate with the winter months, when the low-moisture air can cause our dry skin to feel…well, even more dry. But, what if we told you that humidifiers can benefit your skin even in the summer months? Don’t buy it? Well, maybe you’ll listen to an expert! Because according to consulting dermatologist, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, humidifiers can be a huge help in caring for the skin, and keeping our complexions hydrated, all year long! Below, we share three reasons why you should not wait for winter to invest in a humidifier.  



Sure we typically think low humidity when we think of the chillier season, but some places experience low-moisture air all year long… yes, even in the summer—we see you, Los Angeles. If you live in a dry climate, you may experience dry, tight-feeling skin and a humidifier can help. “Humidifiers add moisture back into the environment [and can help] your skin to retain hydration much better than it otherwise would,” Bhanusali says.


If you live in a more humid climate, you are probably already aware of how higher humidity levels can make the air feel even more hot than it actually is. And chances are you counter this kind of heat with an air conditioner, because, let’s face it, sleeping in a room that feels like a rainforest can be pretty uncomfortable. While air conditioners can be a necessity in the summer, they can also cause the moisture levels to decline in the air—just like artificial heating—and subsequently leave the skin feeling a little dry. This is why some skin care fanatics are known to keep a small humidifier in the bedroom and some even keep portable ones on their desks! 


Like the rest of your skin, in dry climates, your lips can be more prone to dehydration. And, while applying lip balm religiously can help the cause, humidifiers can address the issue head on and provide your bedroom, home, or even office with the moisture levels necessary to promote a soft, smooth, and hydrated pout. 


So, whatever your beauty goals may be, if they involve hydration, a humidifier may be just what you need to reach them! 

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